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National Data Strategy

 National Data Strategy

As part of the implementation of the Public Sector Information Re-Use (PSI) Directive, MITA on behalf of the Government of Malta is currently drafting a strategy that provides a holistic and comprehensive vision for the management of data across the whole Public Administration. This is in the context of the Public Administration being one of the pillars of the Digital Malta Strategy together with the Citizen and the Business perspectives.

The proposed National Data Strategy is primarily comprised of a set of General Principles and Best Practices that should guide future investments in this domain. 

The document also includes details of the organizational setup required and a set of building blocks that will be used to help Malta to position itself better in the context of Open Data and Big Data, in line with EU direction as part of the Digital Economy and the Digital Single Market. 

This while also ensuring that the correct and authorized sharing of other internal-use only data for the implementation of the Once-Only principle is also handled in an efficient and effective manner for the simplification of processes and reduction of bureaucracy.

This document is also being used as the localized guide and best practice for the PSI Directive implementation in Malta under the Share-PSI (EU funded project) obligations.  The localised guides from all the participating partners is available from the following link -​​

Feedback and comments are welcome and can be sent either through the e-mail address or else through the on-line form which can be accessed through the following link:​