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Working remotely from MITA’s Gozo Office

Publication Date: Aug 08, 2019
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Written by: 

Jenny Attard – Project Leader, e-Government & Corporate Solutions Department

Christian Attard – Senior Software Developer, Service Management Department

Attard-Jenny.jpgDuring the course of time, technology has enabled changes to our traditional workplace such that this environment is more suited to contemporary needs. Modern tools are enabling organisations to adapt to a cultural change and need, particularly by lending a helping hand to employees residing in remote locations.

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According to national figures, around 7000 Gozo residents have a job in Malta out of which, approximately 3000 people commute daily. This boils down to two choices, either commute or re-side in Malta. In this regard, MITA, being a family friendly Agency, is in many ways facilitating remote work for its Gozo residents. To this end, it has recently relocated its Gozo branch into a larger, more suited office in Ghajnsielem.

gozo 5.jpgMITA has a total of 24 Gozitan employees.  These employees work in different teams and departments across the organisation.  The roles are also quite varied and include Project Leaders, Software Developers, Solution Architects and Technical Services Officers. The underlying philosophy is to create an environment that permits flexible interaction with the other larger offices.  This requires a change in management mentality since employee performance has to be measured through delivery of objectives. 

The new MITA Gozo premises has an open plan setup whereby employees from different departments sit and work next to each other using a hot desk concept.  Having this diverse setup allows employees to establish a better relationship and understanding of the different organisational functions. The offices are equipped with ‘modern workplace’ tools that enhance communication and collaboration between colleagues and team physically located in different locations within Malta and Gozo.

gozo 3.jpgGozitan Employees working from the MITA Gozo office save an average of three to four hours in daily travelling when compared to other Gozitan employees commuting daily to their offices in Malta.  When considered that on average a Gozo employee travels to Malta just one day a week this is saving him 12 to 16 hours a week.  MITA encourages the Gozo workforce to maintain that face-to-face interaction by reporting to the offices in Malta regularly. To facilitate this, and in line with the Agency’s Green Values, MITA provides free transport using hybrid vehicles. Moreover, benefits enjoyed by the Malta based employees are also being provided to those employees working in the Gozo offices.

MITA is proud to be one of the few Agencies providing such benefits to Gozitans thereby tapping on the potential of this employee market.