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Emerging Technologies Lab – An opportunity for students

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Written by : Nathaniel Portelli, Owen Scerri, Owen Aguis,Tamara Gauci

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Almost one year ago, MITA launched its Emerging Technologies Lab with the purpose of providing a place for MITA employees, Public Sector employees and students to experience, experiment and learn on Emerging Technologies.

MITA offers the Lab facilities to Students undergoing research and projects on Emerging Technologies. The Lab offers a creative working space, equipment and required consumables. Students interested in this should get in contact by sending an email to

Over the last months, four students worked on various technologies at the Emerging Technologies Lab. The following is their experience working in the Lab.


Nathaniel Portelli

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​​I have been working at MITA as a student for the past seven months, whilst reading for a BSc in Software Development at MCAST. During this time I learned so much when it comes to Information Technology. My colleagues and I mainly focus on the sector of emerging technologies. I worked on various projects, with the main one being an augmented reality mobile application which displays cryptocurrency values on different visualisations with data being retrieved in real time. For me, it was the first time working in the augmented reality area and at first it was a tough challenge, but my colleagues and I always worked as a team to get the best out of every opportunity presented by MITA. On the whole, the area of emerging technologies is very interesting as there is always a new piece of technology to serve a particular purpose. Then again, it is a big pleasure to work here at MITA.

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Owen Scerri

Owen Scerri .jpgDuring the past months, whilst attending a BSc in Computer Systems and Networking at MCAST, I have been part of a newly opened Emerging Technologies Lab at MITA. With digital advancement continuing to shape our world, the opportunities that the Emerging Technologies Lab offers are endless. My main interests being 3D Printing and “Internet of Things” I have been working on a Hexapod Robot which integrates 3D printing and Small Electrical Systems (Arduino). This would be much harder to do without the equipment and facilities provided by MITA since all the parts needed for this project have been procured for us. Now that I'm beginning my last year of my degree, I have also been offered the opportunity to use the lab for my dissertation. In my opinion the Emerging Technologies Lab offers top of the line technologies that are used to explore and develop projects which cannot be created without the equipment provided.

Owen Agius

Owen Agius .jpgAs a student studying in the area of IT, I have found it very interesting to work in an environment like MITA and especially in the Emerging Technologies Lab. Here you can find various types of technologies like 3D printer, 3D scanner, mixed reality headsets and many other devices. During these few months I have put my main focus on the HTC VIVE which is a virtual reality headset. I have been testing this new device to see what kind of functions it has while also searching for interesting apps to try on it. While doing some research I found out that instead of the HTC VIVE controllers I could use another device called LEAP MOTION. This basically replaces the HTC controllers by tracking the motion of your hands while using LED lights and camera sensors which is an easier way to control your movements. This Lab is a beneficial initiative for us students as it could help me during my thesis as they offer you all the help and equipment that you might need to finish your thesis idea.

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Tamara Gauci

Gauci Tamara .jpgAs a first year BSc Business and IT student at the University of Malta, and also one of the participants of the Student Placement Program which MITA has been offering during the summer, I got the chance to broaden my knowledge on what emerging technologies have to offer. By being given the chance to have a more hands-on approach, I was able to experience the use of various equipment that is found in the Emerging Technologies Lab, such as Virtual Reality headsets, 3D printer, 3D scanner and many more. This experience has made me more aware of how much technology has and is still constantly improving day to day. Many of these emerging technologies will surely make a huge impact in various sectors in today’s society. As I thank MITA for this opportunity, I also thank my colleagues for their guidance and support throughout these weeks.