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Annual Report 2018

Progress in technology is a continuum that is constantly redefining the business and our daily lives. Technology innovation is reshaping society, including the public sector. Government has taken an agile governance approach to enact legislations and update policies to embrace emerging technologies such as blockchain, IoT and AI. MITA’s strategy for Government information systems is to make use and maximise the benefits of current and emerging digital technologies. In this journey, MITA is being a conductor of change, taking a leading role to support the public sector to harness new technologies to facilitate service delivery to the citizens and the business. This will sustain Government to retain a high competitive economy with a strong ICT core.


We aim to continuously repeat our success in e-Government services amongst our peer European countries and promote public service solutions that showcase the use of latest technologies. 2018 saw an unprecedented investment in technology, funded through a mix of local and EU funds. We are first in the region to implement an enterprise hybrid cloud solution, a core attribute for digital transformation, specifically to suit the demand of modern government. Through the mix of on-premise public and private cloud infrastructure environments, MITA will be able to cater for diverse hosting needs, with back-up and recovery infrastructure to sustain the ever increasing computing needs of the public