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Support and Collaboration with FEMA and the University of MALTA

MITA is forging a Strategic Alliance with Faculty of Economics, Management and Accountancy (FEMA) within the University of Malta.  MITA will be delivering practical industry insights through a study-unit of the new B.Sc. degree currently in development by the Faculty.

The Study-Unit will provide the students with a practical insight into the daily challenges of a large ICT-servicing public organisation.  The Modules within the Unit will cover various elements of ICT-programme management and service delivery.  The context within which MITA – operates will also be covered.  Students will gain an understanding of the practical aspects of managing large-scale programmes and projects in the local public sector.  Students will also practice verbal and written communication throughout the Unit through engaging presentations with fellow students and guest speakers.

The purpose of the Study Unit is to provide the students with real business problems, projects and real work situations as experienced at MITA.  This will enable the students to gain an understanding of how to apply the technical and business knowledge gained in the other Units within the Degree.  

Through interactive sessions with the speakers, the students will analyse practical issues and practice approaches based on contemporary working practices in the ICT industry.  By the end of the Study-Unit the students will have prepared and delivered well-structured presentations, arguments and explanations using different methods in teams.

As part of the Degree, MITA has also formalised dissertation titles of common interest to MITA’s business and the FEMA students.  More than 90% of students chose to work on the above-mentioned dissertation titles.  MITA has also started to make available mentors to students choosing the proposed titles related to a number of research areas within Government.  The mentoring provided by MITA experts is not be on an academic tutorship basis but rather based on practical and industry knowledge and experience.

The Study-Unit is expected to be delivered in the next academic year 2015 – 2016 whereas the dissertations will be launched for this academic year 2014 – 2015.

During September 2014, MITA together with FEMA organised information sessions to studentswho chose one of the dissertation titles proposed by MITA.  The purpose of this session was to help crystallize to students the strategic intent of these titles and the merit each research will have within Government.  Questions from students were also answered by the respective MITA mentors.